About Alan Shein

alan-new-picAlan Shein, the developer of Q.E.S.T™ (Quicker, Easier Solutions Technique), has always had a deep interest in people and their well being. It was this interest that lead him to study and practice Guided Imagery and Peak Performance Coaching.

Over the years Alan has acquired a deep yet practical understanding of life and his clients have, by their own admission, learned a lot in a short space of time from Alan, which has helped them successfully overcome their issues and achieve their goals.

Besides being an educated and skilled in guided imagery, Alan also uses elements of Neuro Linguistic Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Living In The Now Techniques, Therapeutic Mind Relaxtion Techniques, Acupuncture Without Needles and Effective Trauma Resolution to achieve the best outcomes for his clients.

Alan’s sessions are not of a generic, one size fits all nature. Alan customizes the sessions for each client according to the client’s individual needs and personality. This results in the sessions with clients being extremely solution focused and positive outcome directed. In addition to all of this, Alan provides his clients with useful take-away tools, enabling them to take care of themselves.

Alan’s mission statement is that the clients will leave the sessions with more value then they invested.