I confidently refer my patients with anxiety, stress, fears and their related issues to Alan Shein’s Guided Imagery practice.The rapid results he achieves have shown him to be highly skilled and competent. I strongly recommend that other doctors should refer to him.
David Bortz, M.D., F.A.C., San Diego

Alan, what you do for people is very special, and I wish everyone had a chance to have sessions with you. In a short time you resolved my deep underlying emotional issues. Thanks to you I have made a huge change for the better.
C.R., San Diego

No more restless nights. Alan, thanks to you and your dedication I am now enjoying nights of truly wonderful sleep.
A.P., Hawaii

My physician referred me to Alan to reduce my anxiety. After just a few sessions I am amazed at my new found ability to remain calm and free of anxiety in all situations.
N.R., San Diego

Alan rapidly taught me how to overcome stress. This has positively transformed my life and increased my feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment both socially and at work. In addition Alan helped me to acquire a positive yet practical perspective on life.Since seeing Alan I feel so much better physically, mentally and emotionally plus he really motivated me to achieve my goals.
B.L., San Diego

When i came to see you I was so overwhelmed with worry and anxiety, your sessions helped me overcome all of this. Your relaxing exercises are the best, I now teach them to my colleagues at work!!!
S.P., San Diego

My physician sent me to Alan to resolve my high blood pressure issue. Alan rapidly succeeded in bringing my blood pressure down, and then he taught me the simple yet effective tools to bring it down on my own. I am so thankful to him for his care and his skills.
J.D., San Diego

Alan is gifted…Period! He caringly helped me overcome my issues and achieve the important goals in my life.
G.B., San Diego