What is Q.E.S.T™ (Quicker, Easier Solutions Technique)?

stacking-stones-669097_1280The Q.E.S.T™ (Quicker, Easier, Solutions Technique) method helps you reduce or eliminate whatever it is that might be holding you back or causing you stress, anxiety and fears. This method shows you how to unlearn what you have learned in the past and which keeps you stuck and unable to move forward today. How would you like to move forward and to rebuild shaky foundations and replace them with firm foundations upon which to build your new house? It can be done.

The Q.E.S.T™ method is so effective because it is a carefully crafted hybrid of several proven healing forms; one of which is Guided Imagery also known as visualization, which is described below.


What is guided imagery used for?beach-731136_1920

Guided imagery has many applications as mentioned in the following examples. It is used to promote relaxation, which can lower blood pressure and reduce many other problems related to stress. It is also used to lose weight, manage pain, and promote and speed healing.It is frequently used by both aspiring and professional sportsmen and women to increase their performance. It is proven to be very successful in overcoming fears, such as fear of flying, the fear of public speaking and also to enhance learning and overcome test anxiety to name but a few positive applications. Guided imagery is more and more being endorsed and used in many well known hospitals.Hospitals successfully using guided imagery include Stanford Hospital, The Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Washington University Hospital, Beth Israel Medical Center in New York and the Mayo Clinic.

Q.E.S.T™ methods are not known to have any negative side effects. In fact they are less harmful than a plate of vegetables.